Indie Author Spotlight

As an indie author, I’m quite familiar with the challenges that face other indies. We wear the hats of writer, publicist, marketer, social media promoter, and so much more. Exposure and reviews play a huge role in our success, so I know just how essential it is to have help getting the attention of new readers and reviewers.

With that in mind, I will start swapping StoryOrigin promos with other indies in my newsletters–an arrangement that helps not only the participating writers, but you as well, since you’ll get exposure to other, possibly new-to-you writers and books! 

(Please note, this is not an endorsement. Outside my own works, I can’t vouch for books or authors highlighted here.)

Here’s my first promo swap! 

Click the link above and check out the other cool books
and stories listed there! 

Thanks for reading! See you next time!

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